Caramel Color Type III Beer Grade
Liquid Color Caramel Type III Beer Grade
Classification: E-150c
Product Liquid Caramel Type III Beer Grade
EEC No. E – 150c
Colour Light to dark reddish brown depending on the food. Products and the quantity used.
Taste Sweet
Odour Pleasant
Consistency Free Flowing Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.30
Colour Strength 0.27 at OD 540 nm Dilution 1:1000
PH 5.0 + 0.5
Solubility Can be added directly to Food Products containing. A water phase
Copper 4.0 ppm
Ash Contents 1.5%
Arsenic 1 ppm
Lead 1 ppm
4 Methyl – Imidazole 160 ppm
Storage Protect from exposure to air, light & heat, Don’t freeze
Packing 1 / 6 / 40 / 65 Kg in white virgin carboys
Self life 1 year
Application Beverages, Yoghurt, Soft Drinks, Liquor, Confectionery, Milk products, Essence, Ice creams, Pharmaceuticals, Sauces, Soups, Pudding, Baby Foods, Bakery Products Chocolate Industries, Jellies etc.